E como podem melhor representá-lo? MARK MIRCHANDANI: Well, enough cool things of the week. And as I was thinking about that, I said, OK, well, I've done some work with Kubernetes. MARK MIRCHANDANI: They've been doing some good stuff. But I think that's a really great example of using IoT data, displaying it on a map and being able to make a lot better decisions based on that data. It just works really well, and it handles huge data sets really well. Throughout her career, she has geeked out on voice recognition, mobile app development, and IoT. You can take a tricycle. But that's been developed fully in the open. What did you find along the way? Game developers can create rich experiences by building real-world gaming situations with Maps and augmented reality. If you don't have your own data set, you can play with these public data sets and do really interesting things, just to practice that muscle and see what you can do in terms of data visualizations of location based data. MARK MIRCHANDANI: Always a good thing to kind of read up on and kind of understand this is the real world. ANGELA: In the future, Angela is particularly excited about how ridesharing apps will continue to use Maps and Routes to optimize their businesses. It was really popularized by "Pokémon GO." Map Information (roads, oceans, residential addresses) Hi, the postal code for 108 rue de Biencourt in Blainville, QC Canada is J7K 0H7 not J7K 1K5. Understanding a little bit more about CDNs is great. Obviously, mobile has been bringing a lot of interesting use cases to how people use the Maps Platform. It has some details of what happened around networking and network capacity. Faça uma pesquisa ou navegue pelas perguntas recentes. We have announced that Google has entered in to a definitive agreement to acquire Looker. Clearly, I'm not a hiker. And we have a bunch of REST APIs. Made with Google My Maps ... Made with Google My Maps. But yes, before we get into all of that, we do have our cool things of the week. You can still use Helm 2. Helm 2 is great, and stable, and wonderful. Learn more. I think we've had developer advocates on the podcast before. Haruki. ANGELA: That is just like it just switches to that satellite view. It's pretty nice. MARK MIRCHANDANI: Yeah. Plus, you're able to kind of take your own application, maybe build it up with a chart that has sub charts, and then push that out there, if, for instance, like Agones, you kind of have this complex tree that you need in order to deploy the app. And that's updating what business is at what location or what's changed in the roads, or there's been some flooding-- all of that from just very tabular textual data about listings, but also visual data imagery. I don't know what those are. It's really self-explanatory. And you can't do that without basically being able to visualize it or summarize it in a meaningful way. O Studio Rosângela Oliveira está há mais de 30 anos realizando um especial atendimento com qualidade e dedicação, sempre com profissionais capacitados nas mais novas tendências. And so that covers any kind of experimentation or development that you want to do, to just try things out before you actually go into production and get a lot of users. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. Because everybody has some reason to be interested in location. And we have Street View. They have a thing called Tiller usually that they used to run in there. MARK MANDEL: Yeah, not our open source projects-- very different. So with that, we try to encourage and enable more of that experimentation and playing around before it starts to cost you anything. Or does it make it simpler? Was es vorm Bestellen Ihres Google maps offline karten zu beurteilen gilt! But I don't want to get in trouble for it. This map was created by a user. I am able to see the elevation profile in Google Earth when I move along the polyline but is there a way to extract the lat,long and elevation data out to Excel? The third version of that is that you might have an application yourself. MARK MANDEL: Nice, especially if there's just something you want to run once a day, for example. Mark Mirch will be customer filming for Stack Chat in NYC. So I'd start with our documentation. MARK MANDEL: That sounds great. Because geolocation around mobile device is kind of critical information for anyone that's moving around. MARK MANDEL: Yeah, do I need to do that? MARK MANDEL: Yeah. You've specified that you want this many nodes in it. We invest a lot in keeping our documentation up to date. And most of the landmass, actually, the antipode is in the water. var marker = new google.maps.Marker({ position: myLatlng, title:"Title of Marker" }); Then add the marker to your Google Maps object by calling setMap(). There are some configurable values that I can push through there. Or if they have ideas for ways that our libraries could perform better, have at it. Haida -> Axum. MARK MIRCHANDANI: Not that we make up a lot of words, when you have to go fight the space alien. MARK MIRCHANDANI: Oh, don't worry. It's Google Cloud networking in depth Cloud CDN. How does that look to you? MARK MIRCHANDANI: Like a ride share company, for example. Als monomeres GTP-bindendes Protein nimmt es die Funktion eines regulierten molekularen Schalters ein, mit dem zelluläre Prozesse an- oder abgeschaltet werden können.Ras wechselt dabei zwischen zwei Zuständen, in denen es entweder GTP gebunden hat (RasG) … We're still planning out the rest of the year. You can find her trapped in escape rooms or on Twitter. MARK MIRCHANDANI: It sounds like we're not far, right? ANGELA: If I don't get any of this wrong, you can actually check all this out on the blog post. So we're doing 25 million updates to our data a day. ANGELA: Trova attività commerciali locali, visualizza mappe e trova indicazioni stradali in Google Maps. Usuário que fez a postagem original-Rosangela MArtins da silva. It would be. The I/O app for people who went to I/O, you actually had augmented reality to tell you where the stages were and those kind of things. And so our team, obviously, is going to learn a lot from it. MARK MANDEL: Awesome. MARK MIRCHANDANI: So is there nothing else that a developer would need to know to get started? If you don't want Google to track where you go, turn on the new incognito mode. Learn how to create your own. Using the Places API can display parks, government buildings, and other interesting places beyond streets. And of course, if updates get rolled out of that, like a normal package manager, you can say, oh, there's updates available. MARK MIRCHANDANI: What is an earth sandwich? So if you're like, I want to install multi cluster Redis, for example, I can go look for the Redis Helm chart. Maps and Google Cloud together work well with BigQuery to search huge amounts of data and visualize them on a map. And hopefully, people out there can kind of read the details and see why it happened. It tracks when did new versions come up, what version is kind of live, what version is available in the repo-- pretty comprehensive. So it's actually super cool to kind of listen on those and be like, oh, wow, this is awesome. Helm takes care of all the work there and helps deploy it out. Google Maps JavaScript API warning: NoApiKeys; Google Maps JavaScript API error: MissingKeyMapError; For web developers: If you have access to the source code of your application, look for the