Pointe-à-Pitre Our advisors are there to assist you Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM and Saturday from 8 AM to 12 PM vente_dom@airantilles.com, SAINTE LUCIE Phone/Fax. note: if one of the IATA links below does not work, please check the latest update for your country here.. A l’aéroport, présentez-vous au service bagages Air Antilles. Tél. Unlike other islands of the Caribbean, Barbados is flat and chalky. International Call Center : +590 590 384 322 Currently the airline has flights to eight destinations and operates only regional flights. Do you wish to add products or services to your reservation? Vous souhaitez mettre à jour vos informations personnelles ? La qualité de service ? Consulter votre solde de miles ? Un bullettin d’irrégularité bagage (BIR) vous sera remis. Important sur Enregistrement Embarquement Air Antilles Express – L’envoyer sur votre smartphone puis l’enregistrer pour la montrer à l’agent d’Air Antilles Express avant l’embarquement.Que vous l’aviez en papier ou sous forme électronique, vous devez conserver ce document de voyage jusqu’à ce que vous quittiez votre aéroport. The airline began operations in December 2002 owned by Air Guyane. ICAO code: GUY. Regional flights on the islands of the French West Indies. Air. Web. INFO COVID-19 : 03/12/2020 please find here the IATA information about the destination . Phone: +590 (0)590 873 503 : 0590 21 14 47 Please reach out to customer service. Notre service dédié aux groupes est joignable au  0590 38 43 33. Pour toutes questions relatives aux formalités concernant : l’assistance personnes handicapés et à mobilité réduite, le service UM, les bagages spéciaux, le transport d’animaux en soute et cabine. Un bullettin d’irrégularité bagage (BIR) vous sera remis. Air Antilles, compagnie aérienne de l'alliance Caribsky. * Service 0.25 € TTC/min + prix appel. For any other request, please get in touch with the e-Smiles service: esmiles@airantilles.com, How to manage your e-Smiles program? Nos conseillers clients sont joignables au 0890 648 648*. Miscellaneous. Book your Prime tickets? Ils sont à votre écoute du lundi au vendredi de 8h à 17h et les samedis de 8h à 12h 3S. +1-866-369-4567. Air Antilles offers a number of services tailored to the needs of people with disabilities or reduced mobility, at the airport and on board. Air Antilles, Baie-Mahault, Guadeloupe. Canefield airport Contactez notre service client. Tél. Four ATR 500 aircraft were relocated to St. Maarten on September 12, 2018 and will be repositioned September 13, 2018 to coordinate the restart of Air Antilles operation in Guadeloupe. Transmettez votre demande de devis par e-mail : groupes@airantilles.com. GeminiJets Models Hot New Photos – Top 100 "Not Without My Mask" December 16, 2020 Wants to fly from Sofia to New York, Toronto, and Delhi December 15, 2020; New livery, will become F-ORLB December 8, 2020; First Airbus A320neo, new livery November 26, 2020 "La Belle Azul" pink livery for breast cancer awareness November 26, 2020 Castries  vente_slu@airantilles.com, For groups of at least 10 people — corporate, non-governmental or private. vente_fdf@airantilles.com, SAINT-DOMINGUE Or any other difficulty encountered with our company. Social media profiles: Facebook. Air Antilles Packages - Going Places Travel. vente_fdf@airantilles.com, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Air Antilles serves 13 destinations in 12 countries. These files are kept for a period of 3 years and are used by the Air Caraïbes Marketing or E-commerce team and if necessary by subcontractors working with Air … Service AGV : Agence de voyages & Tours opérateurs. In addition to this, the e-Boarding pass will also be sent to your email address by the respective airline. Air Antilles is an independent airline based at Pointe-à-Pitre International Airport, on the main island of Grande-Terrein, in Guadeloupe. Entrez en contact avec une agence Air Caraïbes. All our destinations. Air Antilles. Une réservation à effectuer, modifier ou annuler ? Web-site: www.airantilles.com. Get 30% off on return flights to Barbados, St. Lucia and Dominica once you book with one of our agents! Dès réception de votre message, un conseiller vous recontactera. Log into your e-Smiles account, AGV service: Travel agencies and Tour operators. Vous souhaitez recevoir une facture ? Aéroport de Point-à-Pitre - Le Raizet Vous devez absolument faire constater votre dommage à votre arrivée. Pôle Caraïbes Regional Terminal Agence de ventes : Do you wish to book, change or cancel a flight? Please check availability by … The following is an overview of all Air Antilles Express flights and destinations: Barbados. 43K likes. Any complaint regarding a delayed or cancelled flight? Connectez-vous à votre compte e-Smiles. Aéroport de Point-à-Pitre - Le Raizet The quality of service? vente_sfg@airantilles.com, SAINT-BARTHELEMY Our sales teams will be glad to assist you! Covid 19 Updates. Headquarters: Airport Rochambeau, Matoury French Guiana 97351. Our AGV partners service is just one phone call away at +590 (0) 590 384 336 / commercial@airantilles.com, FREIGHT carriage for personal items, goods, animals or vehicles. Pour toutes demandes, contactez le service e-smiles : esmiles@airantilles.com. Our partner Air Antilles, based in Guadeloupe, was not as fortunate and relocated its fleet to Winair’s home base Princess Juliana International Airport. info@eldoradotravel.com, SAINT-MARTIN Check Availability. Phone number: +594 594 384 322. Contactez notre partenaire ASSIST AIR CARGO au 0590 21 16 39. Code. 01049 Santo Domingo Pour effectuer une réclamation aprés voyage, vous pourrez contacter le service client (lien).Une réponse vous sera adressée sous 60 jours. Aéroport Grand-Case AIR ANTILLES supplies certain percent or dollar off on all purchases for a short time. Air Antilles will be having a Black Friday sale on 27 & 28 November, 2020. Agence de ventes : 0596 42 16 71 Aéroport Aimé Césaire 0590 87 35 03 Phone: +590 (0) 590 211 447 : 001 809 621-6666 : 001 809 621-6666 Tél. Our dedicated service is just one phone call away : +590 (0) 590 384 333 / +590 (0) 590 384 336 Even when budgets were tight, facility managers continued to identify ways to reduce energy use, putting together a list of potential energy saving projects … The information collected on this form is stored by Air Caraïbes in a digital file as part of improving your customer experience. Nos différents services de vente se tiennent à votre disposition ! A l’aéroport, présentez-vous au service bagages Air Antilles. Ils seront à votre écoute du lundi au vendredi de 8h à 17h et les samedis de 8h à 12h 97150 Saint-Martin 011 594 890 64 86 48. Retrouvez les informations relatives au programme et le formulaire d’adhésion en ligne sur la page dédiée. About Air Antilles. Gustave III Airport Une réclamation concernant un vol retardé ou annulé ? Bagage retardé : Vous devrez conserver le BIr. 01049 Santo Domingo Aéroport Gustave III Aérogare régionale Pôle Caraïbes Tél. La compagnie effectuera les recherches durant 30 jours et vous contactera pour récuperer votre bagage. Un justificatif de voyage ? Schedule a free demo on project intelligence for lead generation, market analysis and forecasting ... Netherlands Antilles … It is another title for Air Guyane Express's Caribbean operations and both airlines share their call sign, IATA and ICAO codes. La compagnie effectuera les recherches durant 30 jours et vous contactera pour récuperer votre bagage. Head office: c/o Air Guyane Express, Aeroport de Rochambeau, 97351 Matourl, French Giana. * Airfare From / Taxes incl. República Dominicana The airline uses as its Airline Reservations System Zenith, developed by Travel Technology Interactive, a French-based company.. Air Antilles is the subsidiary of the Guyanese airline Air Guyane. note: if one of the IATA links below does not work, please check the latest update for your country here.. Sales office : vente_dom@airantilles.com, SAINTE LUCIE Book Cheap Flights from San Antonio to St Martin / St Maarten: Search and compare airfares on Tripadvisor to find the best flights for your trip to St Martin / St Maarten. This small English island is dotted with resorts, luxury spas and hotels offering endless ways to relax. Book Travel Now. Speak to an experienced travel advisor for the best deal and service! Tél. Nos conseillers clients sont joignables au 0890 648 648* depuis la France et les DOM-TOM. You may contact our pro customer service by sending an e-mail at: ecoupons@airantilles.com Morne Mamiel - 97139 Abymes LinkedIn; Twitter; Facebook; YouTube vente_slu@airantilles.com, Vous êtes un groupe de minimum 10 personnes ? Aéroport Grand-Case Joining AIR ANTILLES can testify helpful as one can avail First Time AIR ANTILLES Coupons and discounts on all products. For us to provide efficient support, it is crucial that you file your assistance request at the time of booking your flight, at least 48 hours prior to departure. note: if one of the IATA links below does not work, please check the latest update for your country here.. Founded in 2002, Air Antilles is an airline based in Guadeloupe, an island archipelago in the Caribbean which forms an overseas region of France. * Service fee: 0,35 € all taxes included/min + call charge. Our customer service is just one phone call away : +590 590 384 322 (0890 648 648* in France). Dans tous les cas vous devrez founir votre carte d’embarquement ou votre billet, les étiquettes bagages, le constat d’imppossibilité de réparer votre bagage ou la facture d’achat. Proof of transport? Agence ventes : ou par email callcenter@airantilles.com, GUADELOUPE Aéroport Aimé Césaire Vous souhaitez ajouter des produits et services à votre réservation. Identify Projects & Key Contacts with Friedrich Air-Conditioning Co. Route de l'Espérance 43K likes. Hahn Air welcomes six new partner airlines into its leading network Read more. Fax number: +590 242 384 351. Phone : +1 754 530 080 Saint-Jean Contacter notre service client Ou toute autre difficulté rencontrée avec notre compagnie. Morne Mamiel - 97139 Abymes For any inquiries as to requirements regarding: special assistance to persons with disabilities and reduced mobility, UM services, special baggage items, carriage of pets in the cabin or cargo section. IATA code: 3S. 97133 Saint-Barthélemy Roseau Established 18 years ago in 2002, the airline is one of the recent carriers. AIR ANTILLES . Get In Touch Routes Acresfield 8-10 Exchange Street Manchester, M2 7HA United Kingdom T. +44 (0)161 234 2730 F. +44 (0)161 234 2737 Connect With Us. Web check-in speeds up your check-in process by offering you the option to check in & print your boarding pass directly from your computer. Saint-Jean A forward thinking organization, Alamo Colleges District was continuously looking for ways to save energy. Hahn Air’s NDC platform connects five new partners and accepts BSP cash Read more. Aéroport de Rochambeau; 97351 MATOURY, Guyane; In numbers. Air Caraïbes s'engage à répondre à toutes vos questions. Was your baggage damaged during carriage or not delivered upon arrival? vente_ptp@airantilles.com, MARTINIQUE * Service 0.25 € TTC/min + prix appel George F. L. Charles Airport Contact AIR ANTILLES 1 address. Do you need an invoice? E-mail: resa@airantilles.com. Notre service clients professionnels est joignable par e-mail : ecoupons@airantilles.com Phone : +767 449 0261 / Subject to conditions and availability. Bagage endommagé : Attention le bagage en soute peut occasionner des dommages mineurs(rayures, marques) dont Air Antilles ne peut être tenu pour responsable. Notre service partenaires AGV est joignable par email à commercial@airantilles.com, Transport d'effets personnels, de marchandises, d’animaux et de véhicules par FRET. Air Antilles Call-Center Our customer service is just one phone call away : +590590384322 for international call (0890 648 648* in France) Our advisors are there to assist you Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM and Saturday from 8 AM to 12 PM Valid on three routes only: Barbados, St. Lucia & Dominica (roundtrip) Phone: +596 (0)596 421 671 FIVE STARS AIRPORT SERVICES Choose the best airline for you by reading reviews and viewing hundreds of ticket rates for flights going to and from your destination. Do you wish to update your personal data? Email. Sales office : AIR ANTILLES; Creation: 2002; Areas of specialization Regional airlines. 97232 Le Lamentin In the event that you did not purchase your ticket directly with Air Antilles, please submit your request to your travel agency. Si vous n'avez pas acheté votre billet directement auprès de Air Antilles, merci d'adresser votre demande à votre agence de voyage.